Ivey Clubs:

Ivey has numerous professional and social clubs that allow students to participate in various activities outside of the classroom. Sign up, get involved, and be prepared for a great experience. Club information will be available during Orientation Week. Stop in, ask questions and join your favourite clubs!

Business of Sports & Entertainment Club

The Business of Sports & Entertainment Club is set out to provide Ivey MBA students with a forum to discuss key issues and a venue to host important decision makers within the sports & entertainment industry. The club aims to increase industry presence amongst Ivey MBA students and expose them to the ’team behind the team’ and career opportunities within sports & entertainment.

Consulting Club

The Consulting Club is dedicated to preparing its members to pursue and excel at careers in consulting. The club is served by a peer-elected executive team, in partnership with Ivey career management, corporate partners, and the Ivey alumni network within the global consulting community.

In short, the club’s mandate is to:

  • Educate: Expand club members’ overall knowledge of the consulting industry and create awareness of recruitment opportunities.
  • Prepare: Provide relevant skills training and facilitate/support preparation for consulting interviews – particularly case interviews.
  • Socialize: Develop club members’ networks both inside and outside of Ivey Business School.

Cricket Club

The Cricket Club’s mission is to raise awareness of the sport among Ivey MBA students. Specifically, the club aims to create opportunities to develop the skills of beginners, hone the skills of intermediate players, and find time for students to spend some time getting to know each other outside the classroom.

Culinary Club

The Culinary Club is an experience where various student cultures are fused together through a common medium: extraordinary food and wine. The club focuses on experiencing the different food cultures of our class and touches upon dining etiquette to help improve professional development.

Energy & Natural Resources Club

The Energy & Natural Resources Club’s vision is to create awareness for the energy and natural resources sector. The club’s mission is to achieve our vision by educating the class through preparatory information sessions, interview preparation and industry specific events. One of the keystone events for the club is the Calgary trip, where students will travel to Calgary to meet alumni in an informal setting to network and learn about opportunities in Calgary.

Finance Club

The Finance Club promotes activities, networking events and careers in finance through the Ivey community. The Finance Club also provides support and resources for Ivey MBA students by collaborating with career management and corporate recruiters. As a key career-oriented club, the club covers a range of finance careers including investment banking, sales and trading, equity research, corporate banking, private equity, venture capital and leadership rotational programs.

Fitness Club

The Fitness Club at Ivey has one goal: to help its members achieve their individual goals. Health and wellness are lifelong endeavours requiring proper knowledge, training and practices. As such, the Fitness Club aims to equip its member with the necessary information, supply its members with adequate resources and prepare its members for effective execution of their individual plans. Health is paramount to future success, and we plan to build a strong foundation at Ivey.

Golf Club

The Golf Club is in place to be a stress free, no pressure outlet from the daily grind at Ivey. It is our mission to organize weekly practice at the driving range, rounds of 18, or both, in order to cater to the growth and interest of all members and all skill levels. By the end of the year, we hope most members will look back and say the Golf Club was one of the things they enjoyed most about their time at Ivey!

Health Sector Club

The Health Sector Club serves as a support network for Ivey MBA students interested in furthering their knowledge of the health industry. The focus of our club is to help members gain access to leaders, knowledge and opportunities within the health sector through a variety of initiatives such as speaker events, conferences, and discussions/forums. The Health Sector Club covers a wide range of health industry groups such as public health, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, e-health, and consulting, among others.

 Investments & Economics Club

The Investment & Economics Club aims to facilitate entry to buy & sell side opportunities in Capital Markets by educating members on current economic conditions, market trends and career opportunities. We aim to accomplish this mission by providing regular economic updates and engaging members by providing a forum for discussion, paper-trading and pitch competitions.

Leadership & Communications Club

The Leadership & Communications Club’s vision is to be a support group for all students over four missions: personal/career development, professional development, ongoing support, and improv events. Our club works around the year to bring events to students under one of these four missions to assist them in their job search and future in the real business world.

Music Club

The vision of the club is to create a culture where music is appreciated and shared within the class. The mission of the club is to provide opportunities for the Ivey MBA students to perform and experience music through various events.

Operations & Supply Chain Club

The Operations & Supply Chain Club aims to provide our members with opportunities to broaden their understanding of the industry and to be better prepared for the job market. As such, we organize events that allow members to connect with alumni and professionals from the industry, including industry dinners and trips to production facilities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Real Estate Club

The Real Estate Club is committed to providing club members with the opportunity to explore a broad range of real estate industry topics. The club is a great way to network with industry experts and meet peers that share the same interest and passion for real estate. Through panel discussions, technical workshops, and other events, club members will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills required to succeed in the dynamic world of real estate.

Sales and Marketing Club

The Sales and Marketing Club provides support, developmental opportunities, and career guidance to students who are looking to build careers in marketing and sales functions, and/or in CPG and retail industries.

Social Impact Club

At Ivey, we emphasize sustainable growth. Our vision is to leverage the skills and tools that we develop here at Ivey to address the world’s social, environmental, and economic challenges. The Social Impact Club aims to provide learning opportunities beyond the traditional profit model, creating measurable impact in business and in the community. The three pillars of our club include:

  • Community outreach
  • Social enterprise
  • Education beyond the classroom

Every year, the Social Impact Club organizes the Ivey Impact Day, a day-long event that offers MBA students a variety of opportunities, including community outreach, hands-on volunteer, social business case challenges and more. To learn more about Ivey Impact Day, please visit <<link>>

Technology, Analytics and Digital Media Club

The Technology, Analytics and Digital Media Club is a student-run organization with the goal of helping its members assess and understand the broad technology industry and associated career opportunities. The club provides its members with opportunities to collaborate with peers, faculty, and industry professionals in areas of interest such as data analytics, computing hardware and software, digital media, clean technology and financial technology.

The following are the club’s key objectives:

  • Facilitate members’ awareness of current technology trends through monthly meetings.
  • Club events to highlight the intersection of technology and business.
  • Hosting workshops to enhance skills in digital media. e.g. Google Analytics Primer
  • Planning visits to relevant firms and conferences; past events included: MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference, Google Kitchener-Waterloo site visit

Women in Management Club

The Women in Management Club is built on three key pillars to:

  1. Build relationships of support and collaboration that outlive the program.
  2. Share stories and experiences in order to bring awareness and understanding.
  3. To educate and promote the conversation around Women in Management.