Mr. President’s Address


Welcome to the MBAA Website; a home for all the information, updates, and commentary from your peers in the program. We have designed the website with a focus on accessibility while still providing key information about the student body and leadership structure. Through the website, you can learn about the various clubs, keep up to date on events, read student testimonials, and connect with your peers.

On behalf of Student Council, I hope you enjoy using the website and continue to contribute to Ivey’s outstanding community.


Carter Whitehead

President, Ivey MBA Association 2017

Ivey Cup

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Ivey Olympics


Fall recruiting is a time of mixed emotions and energy. Suits, frowns, nervous laughter, and super tense environment greets every Ivey MBA student in the months of August and September.

And then comes along the Ivey Olympics.

Accenture Case Competition


Take 140 of the most competitive, intelligent students in Canada and pit them against one another in a winner take-all contest for glory: The Accenture Case Competition – the culmination of intensity in the 2017 Ivey MBA Program. For three days our 5-person team competed against 24 other teams working to solve real-world problems for real companies by developing innovative solutions in Marketing, Finance and Corporate Strategy.

Ivey Haskayne Case Competition

The Ivey School of Business and the Haskayne School of Business co-organized the East Meets West Leadership Case Competition, hosted by the Ivey Business School in London, from February 2nd to 4th, 2017. The two-day case competition saw participation from business schools across Canada.

In round one of the case competition, mixed student teams from four different schools were challenged to balance the fiscal demands of the organization, while demonstrating good leadership qualities and teamwork. On the second day, students were reunited with their home university teams to complete round two, and prizes were awarded to the finalists.

The team from Sobey School of Business, comprising of Santiago Behar Gomez, Pallav Parikh, Haley Maillet, Sascha Hamilton-Miller took away the winner’s purse whereas the team from Peter B. Gustavson School of Business comprising of Bodie Elliott, Gozde Ozbilim, Nikheel Premsagar, and Ankit Sarage pocketed the second place.

Four students from Ivey participated in the competition as well. Here’s what they took away from the competition:


China 2017 Study Trip


In December 2016, I embarked on the China Study Trip along with seventy of my fellow classmates. Speaking with students from previous MBA classes, I thought I had an idea of what the trip would entail. It turned out I had no clue how much fun we were going to have as it exceeded every one of my expectations.

Given that I’m an AMBA student, I knew that it was going to be a great opportunity to get to know some classmates that I hadn’t had the chance to really get to know yet.

We travelled to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Each city had something different to offer, from culture, economics, weather, and more. My personal favourites were Shanghai and Hong Kong, given their amazing skylines, great food, and out of control night life. Regardless of our individual preferences, it was hard to ignore the sheer size of each city.   Shenzhen, a city I knew relatively nothing about, has almost 11 million people! Around 30 years ago it was just a fishing village of 100,000 people! This was a great example of just how fast China is growing.

The businesses we visited and speakers we had were very beneficial to understanding the country’s political, economic, and cultural landscape. One the most memorable visits for me were to the Walmart China’s headquarters and local store in Shenzhen. The stores themselves are built to mimic a traditional Chinese market, where shoppers can select from a variety of fresh fish, meats, and grains. The e-commerce portion of the business on the other hand is years ahead of what we would typically see with North American businesses.

Overall, the trip was an amazing experience and was definitely the highlight of my MBA.

Stephen Glennie, MBA Candidate 2017